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The Introduction of the Venerable the 5th Grya Rong Namgr Rinpoche

Rinpoche's root guru Ven. the sixth Grya Rong Wangjr Rinpoche                   Ven. the fifth Grya Rong Namgr Rinpoche

The Grya Rong Temple of Nyingma lineage, the land of eternal truth, proclaims Substantial Reality eternally and thoroughly in Dege county, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region of Sichuan province, China. It was established by a mahasiddha, the first Wangjr Rinpoche —Jewang Bema Kungrol Namgyal. It used to be an exclusive school of the Dzogchen Temple which is one of three largest Nyingma lineage temples. Grya Rong Namgr Rinpoche lived in the temple and widely propagated the precious Dzogchen teaching of Nyingma lineage. Consequently, the Grya Rong Temple became an important Nyingma temple. At present, it has more than two hundred Lamas, including three Rinpoches four Khenpos.

The first Grya Rong Namgr•Za•Karong Perji Rinpoche was born in 1573 A.D., and got supreme accomplishment when he was just 20 years old. He completed abhiseca alliance with the 5th Denzin Gyatso Rinpoche and Minlng Derchenchg Rinpoche in Tibet and benefited all beings . When he achieved parinirvana, a rainbow appeared in the sky. And his body dissolved into colorful sarīra. Then he rised to the Padmasambhava's pureland in the rainbow's embrace and the fragrance of sarīra.

The second Grya Rong Namgr•Namkha Cewang Chogrup Rinpoche , born in 1657 A.D., was proficient in Five Sciences. He was appointed the guru of the Grya Rong Temple and the Dzogchen Temple. He widely accepted disciples, propagated Dharma-cakra and brought up countless eminent monks in the Kham Region.

The third Grya RongNamgr•Kunsang Thochog Dorje Rinpoche, born in 1757 A.D., learned Molm and Sogba Nyingthig from Patrul Jigme Chokyi Wangpo Rinpoche and Mipham Rinpoche. Great Terton Rigzin Nyima Gakba also taught him lots of Terma teachings. Therefore he achieved enlightenment in Five Sciences, and became the precious teacher of Sangha. He was addressed as "Wise Guru" in the Kham Region. Rinpoche made statues of Buddha, the Buddhist scriptures and pagodas all over his life, and got Great Perfection at last.

The fourth Grya Rong Namgr•Jigme Zomdr Karje Dorje Rinpoche, born in 1878 A.D., learned from Za• Corshu Gegr Rinpoche. When Rinpoche first met his master, he had a insight of Mahasandhi Dharma in a blink with the help both from the supreme blessings of the master and his own profound foundation. Since then, Rinpoche retreated in Gongri Togr Grotto and Ya Ma Log Exclusive School of the Grya Rong Temple, practiced Big Comfortable Dharma and eventually got enlightment.

Rinpoche saw Padmasambhava and his copper-colored palace in Yarlo Shegag Exclusive School in Tibet, receiving the guru's abhiseca, nectar pills and predictions — to propagate Buddhadharma extensively at the Dharma Ending Age. Then Rinpoche wrote down what he saw one by one. Rinpoche once excavated termas, such as Buddharūpa, vajvakilaka, and even six terma suttas of Dzogchen teachings. And he could call all the four elements — earth, water, fire, and wind freely. He was appointed the Grand Preceptor by the gurus of Tusis in Dege County, Ling Cang, and Yid Lo Lari area, and awarded gold books, jade seals. And he presided over the prayer Dharma Assembly of five temples in Yid Log area with Azom Grugba Rinpoche in the Grya Rong Temple.

Rinpoche maintained disciplines strictly, built temples and buddha statues, gave blessings to reassure sentient beings, encouraged people to be conscious, and was worshiped by the vast number of believers. The Dakinis once gave ryakarana and said: "all beings associated with Rinpoche can get to the pure land of copper-colored mountain." Rinpoche predicted all beings would be faced with a big disaster before he leaving this world. So he dressed himself with a beautiful and powerful outfit, with a half static half fierce face, sat in the lotus throne to show the karuna and deterrence and achieved parinirvana.

The fifth Grya Rong Namgr•Jigmey Namkha Norbu•Choenyi Brpa Choeniy Dondok Rinpoche, whose father is the fifith Chewu Rigzin•Chenbo Tebdan Chnls Norbu Rinpoche and mother is Geza•Jajo, was born with a propitious phenomenon in 1958 A.D., which indicated an extraordinary paticcasamuppāda—Rinpoche would achieve immortal and iridescent light through the hard practice of Dzogchen Mahasandhi Dharma, the faith and compassion of saving all creatures. It is said that three days after Rinpoche was born, Mahasiddha Za•Merg passed by, he pointed to a tent and said to his attendants: "look, a mahasiddha must be visiting the family, as many horses are tied outside of the tent. Let's go inside." However, the attendants didn't see many horses as mahasiddha Za•Merg said. When they got into the tent, they also did not see a mahasiddha in the tent. But they were told that a baby boy was born in the family three days ago. Mahasiddha Za•Merg told the family solemnly: "the child was so unique that he will benefit all sentient beings as soon as he grows up. You should look after him carefully......." Then gave the boy a name – Choeniy Dondok.

Extraordinary wisdom and compassion are Rinpoche's natural endowments. And he showed great interest to the Dharma, Dharma-vessel and even red, yellow colors since childhood. Moreover, he could recite dozens of lections as soon as he could speak. When Wangjr Rinpoche heard about this, he asked Dudjom Rinpoche to do a survey about the boy.

Because of the social upheaval, Rinpoche had been a peasant in Shi Qu. When he was 19 years old, he studied under the guidance of teachers in the A Se Temple and he could skillfully use Tibetan and chant sutras after a few months. And three years later, he went to the Dzogchen Temple Sheri Sen Uparparivena to study Exotoric Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism. Moreover, when he was 25, he received full ordination under the guidance of Oing De Rinpoche in the Gemong Temple, and then he practiced Dharma with the guidance of Ase Namkha Rinpoche, Ase Choegak Rinpoche. In this way, he got abhisheka of every esoteric-yana, lineage Dharma and enlightening teachings. When he was 29, he was identified as the reincarnation of the fourth Grya Rong Namgr•Jigmey Zomdr Karje Dorje Rinpoche by H.H Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche and Wangjr Rinpoche, and given the name, Jigmey Namkha Norbu Choenyibrpa. When he was 30 years old, many bhadantas, who are from the Dzogchen Temple and other five temples of Yid Lo area, held a solemn enthronement ceremony for him in the Grya Rong Temple. At the same time, he was regarded as the abbot of the Grya Rong Temple and one of the four Dharma kings in Five Sciences of the Dzogchen Temple. After that Rinpoche learned from Wangjr Rinpoche and got his Mahasandhi Dharma empowerments. He stayed secluded for several years to cultivate himself, got excellent awareness and profound mana, and became a Nyingma hierarch. In recent years, Rinpoche is committed to the construction of temples, perfect the sadhana drubtab implements of the Esoteric Buddhism. He built three-layer high Shakyamuni Buddha statues, Shantarakshita, Padmasambhava and Trisong Deutsen statues, Vajrasattva Dorje Sempa statues and pagodas in the A Se temple and in the Grya Rong temple. And he designed all the head wears and cassocks of Yamantaka Dance. To promote Buddhadharma, he also organizes three big Dharma Assemblys of three-month intensive retreat in summer, Yamantaka Puja and Simhavaktra Dakini Puja in the Grya Rong Temple. More importantly, Rinpoche often travels hundreds of miles laboriously, regardless of the heavy work, to the Han nationality area to complete the supplication of the followers. And he has left footprints all over the land such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Guangzhou and other places. He has been making a great contribution to the spread of Buddhism.

Rinpoche shows infinite compassion to his people and vows to devote many merits to national unity and economic construction of the Kham Region. In Dege county, he has constructed more than 30 kilometers'roads and bridges which connect Ao Dgo town and the Grya Rong Temple. He also has built Grya Rong love elementary schools and the Grya Rong Buddhist College. In Shi Qu county, he has constructed more than 30 kilometers' roads and bridges, which connect Xia Zha area and the A Se Temple, sutra hall, the stupa of Jermed Dorje Rinpoche and Yamantaka Puja and Simhavaktra Dakini Puja stupas, etc.

In order to eliminate disasters in the world, such as wars, famines, and pestilences, Rinpoche uses prevailing auspicious Dharma to address Padmasambhava for the world peace and all beings' health. So from 2004 July 15th to 22nd, he called thousands of eminent lamas of five major sects of Tibetan Buddhism to hold " Padmasambhava Wish-Fulfilling Dharma Assembly" at Manigange town, Yid Lo area, Dege county. The Dharma Assembly was so successful and extraordinary that attracted tens of thousands of believers. So it was not only a good way to expand the Dharma but also a good way to strengthen the cultural exchange between various nations and to promote the unity and economic prosperity in this area. Therefore, Rinpoche vows to hold the Dharma Assembly on July 15th every year, in later 12 years, to 2015. In addition, at the beginning of every August, he will hold the 7-day Smoke offering Dharma Assembly at the foot of Ger Zo Deity Mountain, which is 5 kilometers away from Manigange town.

At present, Rinpoche is busy with Dharma work. However he is still building Buddhist students a main assembly hall to study Buddhist scripts. Hope you all, the initiates, can cooperate with this great project, rejoice in virtue and your merits will never be forgotten.


May our masters, Yidams, Dakinis, Dharmapalas, good deities bless us all peace and good luck!